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Guangzhou China hui furniture repair co., LTD

My company mainly engaged in:Annatto furniture repair,Annatto furniture maintenance,Annatto furniture renovation, etc,Is a professional annatto furniture repair factory in guangzhou。“Strives for the survival by the service,To the credibility of development”Our company's consistent purpose is my。To the user for god,Wholeheartedly for the customer service is our duty and desire。Provide the perfect experience,Perfect credit,Perfect after-sales service,Meet customer demand is our obligation。 There is companion come from afar,Joy,The company all staff of hospitality,Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guide the company to establish business relationship,And go forward hand in hand with us to expand trade and industry,For a better...

Our company is specialized is engaged in the renovation and maintenance of annatto furniture,Including furniture paint,Cracking,Damage repair and renovation。More than 20 years of professional and technical accumulation,Traditional Chinese classical furniture repair techniques,Combined with modern advanced technology at home and abroad to innovation,Implement repair non-trace technology,Damage repair processing the same color,A complete set of renovation has old change new effect。My company with excellent technical strength and good reputation,In guangzhou and ji chengwei,Mangrove bay,Each big furniture such as xiangjiang household building materials stores have a long-term cooperation,Efficiency and the quality of our service and all the merchants acclaim and has established long-term good relations of cooperation。The company is located in guangzhou panyu district dragon town,Has its own factory,Annatto furniture professional maintenance,Any question can be solved,The serious problem of furniture can be door-to-door cargo to the factory maintenance。Maintenance of the traditional annatto furniture,Main various annatto furniture、Suite、Bedroom furniture repair、Lacquer、Renovation and maintenance,Annatto maintenance‘Annatto renovation。Wood products maintenance,Annatto stair maintenance,Mahogany table maintenance。Mahogany chair maintenance。Mahogany wood door maintenance。Wood products such as furniture decoration paint damage:Scratch、Rift、Touch the wound、Off the paint、Changing color、Burst、Wood shrinkage, etc,Can repair technology。
The company has the following characteristics maintenance:
1,Provide various mahogany wood furniture renovation renovated the old furniture(Renovated the old furniture)、The style of the ancients(The quaint style of furniture)And other services;
2,Annatto furniture assembly、Maintenance and repair、Tear open outfit..Debugging.。Can be assembled、Any brand of service market.Any specifications of the civilian family.Office.Hotel and other kinds of annatto furniture。,Annatto furniture assembly、Maintenance and repair、Tear open outfit..Debugging.。
3,All kinds of annatto furniture repair、Annatto furniture、Archaize furniture repair、Your desk、The chair、Maintenance and repair,The table、Chair maintenance。Annatto furniture repair、Wooden door maintenance、Wooden door repair site、Site wood veneer and various civil furniture maintenance maintenance,Office screen disassembling maintenance services,Tear open outfit furniture service。
4,In principle I don't have repair bad furniture,Please make an appointment in advance,I immediately recognized the value of furniture do you have any maintenance company,In order to make repair scheme,In a timely manner to provide you with quality services。Furniture maintenance、Repair all kinds of furniture and crafts,Solid wood furniture、Annatto furniture、Antique furniture、Wooden decoration furniture、Real wood floor;Such as furniture damaged:Scratch、Rift、Touch the wound、Off the paint、Changing color、Burst、Wood shrinkage, etc,Can repair technology。

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